In 1985 I was born in a small village in the eastern Netherlands. During my childhood, I was often found outside in the woods, where I had a knife in my pocket mostly as I’ve always been interested in Bushcraft. I love nature and everything that has to do with it. In my free time I like fly fishing, archery and walking in woods, searching for useful materials for making Scandinavian products.

During a holiday in Sweden, I once bought a blade. The idea of making a ‘beautiful’ handle for this knife myself is the reason I started making knives, as I always wanted to continue making increasingly better and more beautiful creations. Ideally, I make handles of natural and exclusive materials.

After a walk in the woods of Sweden I took, as I would also do in the Netherlands, my knife out of my pants before I went into a shop. It struck me that a large part of the visitors had not done this, what I liked to see. For me, knives are utensils and I regret that the association in the Netherlands often is not and knives are considered as weapons.